Be Your Creative Self

Artwork takes many forms, flower arranging being one of them. Let your creative self shine!
Learn tips and techniques to design flowers like a pro. 


Vase Arrangement

Learn how to create a beautiful
fresh flower arrangement in a vase.
Receive step by step instructions that will
have you designing like a professional.


Container Arrangement

Coming Soon!
Designing flowers in floral foam
can be a challenge if you don't know
the techniques. Learn how. 

Cluster Arrangement

Coming Soon!
If you want to create compact floral designs, this class will teach you how.
Receive step by step instructions. 

The instructor for the floral design courses is Heidi VanZandt.
Heidi owned and operated a retail floral shop for 23 years.

She is passionate about flowers and loves the creative process. 
It's been proven that flowers are uplifiting and make you feel happier. Have fun and bring some added joy into your life.  

Creating Professional Looking Floral Arrangements

These courses teach you how to design beautiful floral arrangements. Once you master the basics you can create arrangements like a professional floral designer.  

Designing flowers can be very therapeutic and provide a great creative outlet.

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Learn more about the How to Design a Vase Arrangement of Fresh Flowers before you enroll.


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