How to Support Your Emotions with Essential Oils


Using Essential Oils to Support Your Emotions

When I was introduced to essential oils I had no idea all of the things they could be used for. I had recently completed radiation and had finished my breast cancer treatment journey. The idea of supporting the systems in my body naturally through the use of essential oils was very appealing to me.

Now one of my favorite ways to use them is for emotional support. Fragrances and scents can be used as holistic healing treatments, called aromatherapy, to promote a sense of well being. Natural plant extracts are inhaled with the use of a diffuser, an aromatic spritzer, or applied topically to the skin so you can smell them.

Not all essential oils are the same so be sure to use a high quality oil. Many store-bought oils have been produced with pesticides or extracted using chemicals (to get more yield). I recommend Young Living oils as they have a Seed to Seal™ guarantee. This means each plant is hand weeded, there are no pesticides...

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Overcoming Fear

emotions wellness Apr 01, 2019

Fear can take many forms and prevent you from doing a variety of things. You may fear something and not even realize it. Holding on to fear can have a negative impact on your overall health and wellness by causing stress, anxiety or doubt.

Do you have a fear of change, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear to try new things, fear of letting others know how you feel, fear of being judged, fear of sharing your true self, or something else? There are as many types of fear as there are people. So what can you do about it?

Here are 5 steps you can take to overcome your fear:
1. Recognize and admit the fear.
2. Write it down.
3. Share what you're afraid of with someone. It could be a family member, friend or health care professional.
4. Think about the steps you can take to overcome it. Write them down.
5. Start moving forward. Begin slowly. Get help and/or support if necessary.

It may be difficult, but think about how great you'll feel when you conquer it! If it don't...

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