How to Support Your Emotions with Essential Oils


Using Essential Oils to Support Your Emotions

When I was introduced to essential oils I had no idea all of the things they could be used for. I had recently completed radiation and had finished my breast cancer treatment journey. The idea of supporting the systems in my body naturally through the use of essential oils was very appealing to me.

Now one of my favorite ways to use them is for emotional support. Fragrances and scents can be used as holistic healing treatments, called aromatherapy, to promote a sense of well being. Natural plant extracts are inhaled with the use of a diffuser, an aromatic spritzer, or applied topically to the skin so you can smell them.

Not all essential oils are the same so be sure to use a high quality oil. Many store-bought oils have been produced with pesticides or extracted using chemicals (to get more yield). I recommend Young Living oils as they have a Seed to Seal™ guarantee. This means each plant is hand weeded, there are no pesticides used, no chemicals, and no weed killers. Young Living is the oldest, most trusted essential oil company in the world. They are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year.

 There is no way I can cover all the essential oils and the emotions they can support today. I will touch on some popular ones and some of my favorites. I have included a pdf that you can download which lists some oils and what they can be used for. Again, this is just a sampling of the essential oils available to support the emotions.

If you haven’t use essential oils before give them a try! I’m confident you’ll be happy you did.

As a reminder, I am not a medical professional and cannot treat, diagnose or cure you. What I have shared is for educational purposes only.

Essential Oils for Emotional Support


Great for helping one adapt to new changes or experiences
Helps us to overcome procrastination or denial
Allows us to reach a higher potential


Help to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and tension
Mood lifting qualities

Christmas Spirit

Brings joy, peace, happiness and security
Relieves that occasional blue feeling and promotes happiness and well being
Relieves stress


Strengthens. Eases the feeling of loss
Creates a sense of security and grounding
Calms, soothes anger. Helps to heal emotions


Overcome fears and emotional blocks
Renews focus and stimulates creative and intuitive abilities to achieve goals and dreams


Anti depressant
Increases spiritual awareness, improves attitude and uplifts spirits

Into the Future

Helps one leave the past behind in order to progress with vision and excitement
Inspires determination and a pioneering spirit


Calming, relaxing and balancing, both physically and emotionally.
May reduce depression and mental stress

Oola Grow

Gives you courage to focus on the task at hand and helps you move forward toward positive advancements and progression
Helps you reach unlimited potential and growth

Peace & Calming

Promotes relaxation and deep sense of peace and emotional well being
Reduces depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia


Relieves anxiety and revitalizes mind, body and spirit. 

Stress Away

Brings a feeling of peace and tranquility
Helps relieve daily stress and nervous tension
Promotes relaxation


Helps one surrender aggression and a controlling attitude. 
Stress and tension are released quickly when we surrender willfulness

Valor II

Offers inspiring and calming aroma that can promote empowerment and uplift the soul


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