Burning Candles Versus Diffusing Essential Oils

essential oils wellness Oct 08, 2019

Burning Candles Versus Diffusing Essential Oils

Many people love to burn candles, especially during months when temperatures are cooler. They make your house smell nice and create a cozy atmosphere. Candles may smell nice, but very often the scents are made from synthetic chemicals that are typically labeled as “fragrance”.

Candles actually reduce the quality of the air. Phthalates are often found in scented candles and have been linked to allergic reactions and asthma related problems. Paraffin, found in many candle bases, is a petroleum byproduct when burned, these candles release carcinogenic chemicals into the air. Imported candles may have lead or lead cores in the wick, which is released into the air. Many soy candles are a combination of soy and paraffin, so unless clearly labeled as 100% soy, stay clear of them.

So, is there a safer alternative? Yes, diffusing essential oils. However, make sure you purchase oils from a reputable company. Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA so the quality between the ones you purchase at a department or big box store is not the same as say Young Living Essential Oils.*

Diffusing, Young Living, essential oils cleans the air of airborne pathogens, reducing bacteria, fungus, mold and odors. Diffusing increases oxygen availability in the air and increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Inhaling essential oils enhances mood and uplifts spirits. They support immune function and respiratory function. Many improve concentration and mental clarity. Some oils even promote restful sleep.

Choose products with natural, plant based, non toxic ingredients to support the health of you and your family. Or use products that are fragrance free. Read labels and know what’s in the products you use. 

*I am a Young Living Essential Oils representative. Young Living has been in business for 25 years, are the world leader in essential oils, and have a Seed to Seal® guarantee that applies to the purity of their oils.


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